Farlight LED Obstruction Lights






Farlight's LED obstruction lights combine the cost-saving benefits of LEDs with advanced technology to ensure reliable operation in all environments.

All Farlight obstruction lights come with a 5 year warranty.


Why choose Farlight?


Farlight has designed and manufactured LED lighting systems for more than a decade, both under the Farlight brand and as an OEM for several well known names in obstruction lighting. This experience has given us the knowledge to engineer LED obstruction lights that are both reliable and efficient.


As an innovator in LED optical design, Farlight’s patented technology allows for energy-efficient lighting that focuses light exactly where it’s needed to maximize situational awareness for pilots without disturbing communities on the ground.

NVG Friendly

Farlight's NV-Series lights and beacons are the first LED obstruction lights available to ensure that your structure is visible to pilots wearing night vision goggles, making them the first true LED replacements for incandescent obstruction lighting.


Farlight products incorporate the latest high-brightness LEDs, power supplies, microcontrollers, and lightning protection. These technologies allow us to ensure that our obstruction lights outperform and outlast the competition. All Farlight obstruction lights come with a 5 year warranty.

Simple Installation and Maintainance

Obstruction lights are rarely located in convenient places, so we’ve worked hard to engineer practical products that are user friendly. All Farlight lighting systems have been designed with the end-user in mind, and offer easy installation and straightforward maintenance.

Made in the USA

Farlight products are designed and manufactured in California. Farlight is an SBA certified small business.